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Deree Graduate Students’ Educational Trip to University of South Florida

The Deree Graduate Program in Digital Communication and Social Media recently provided students an exclusive opportunity to expand their horizons, gain practical knowledge in digital communication and social media, and immerse themselves in a dynamic setting at the University of South Florida (USF).

From April 3-7, 16 students, along with Dr. Katerina Diamantaki, group leader and Deree Graduate Program Coordinator, participated in a blend of exceptional training at USF, a preeminent state research university, and visited the vibrant cities of Tampa and St. Petersburg – both of which are recognized as “growing hubs of creativity” and ranked among the top cities in the U.S. attracting millennials and innovators from various fields.



Certified Seminar at USF

The graduate students began their trip by attending a customised, full-day seminar on “State of the Art Social Media Campaigns” at USF’s St. Petersburg campus. The workshop was led by Garry Salloway, a versatile digital marketing executive with over 19 years of experience. The seminar gave students the opportunity to be acquainted with the latest trends in digital marketing and provided them with pragmatic insights, tools and theories to help them deal with marketing challenges in the contemporary environment. Following four days of teamwork, students presented their ideas and campaign proposals.

Visit to the Thrive Hub

On the second day, students had the opportunity to be taken on a guided tour at Thrive DTSP, a spirited community-oriented entity in St. Petersburg that offers coworking and brainstorming spaces for several high-profile companies. The team had the privilege of meeting two notable experts, Joe Hamilton, a true visionary with an innovative and forward-thinking approach to digital journalism, and Chris Krimitsos, a renowned technology innovator and thought leader in the global creator community.

Customer Experience Lab

On the third day of their trip, the Deree team visited the Tampa Customer Experience Lab (CXL) at USF, known for its research using biometric experiments and cutting-edge technology. During their visit, students were given a presentation by Dr. Carter Morgan, academic director of USF’s Center for Marketing and Sales Innovation Lab, and actively participated in a biometric experiment conducted at the lab.


Virtual Interactive Sessions with Professionals

On April 5, Deree students attended two highly informative virtual presentations by distinguished experts, Sara Leoni, an accomplished entrepreneur, educator and creator, and Gerard Palacios, a results-driven sales and digital marketing professional with over 20 years of experience. These presentations were a valuable addition to the educational trip providing students with real-world perspectives and practical strategies for success in the dynamic field of digital marketing.

Visit to USF’s InEd Studios

Deree students visited the USF’s Innovative Education Digital (InEd) Learning department, a team of nationally recognized and award-winning Learning Designers who collaborate with faculty and utilize cutting-edge technologies to create innovative digital content. Our team was given a guided tour of InEd’s impressive facilities, resulting in an immersive and highly engaging experience for all.

It was an amazing educational trip full of interesting experiences. We met great professionals and exchanged inspiring ideas about social media marketing and the future of social media. We really enjoyed the opportunity to learn from people that are so competent and experts in the field. I am grateful for having this opportunity! (Angeliki Kyrikou)

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