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Dean Travlos’ Interview in Kathimerini

“We motivate our students to start their own business. This is their way out of the crisis, opposed to the dead end of pursuing an employee career” .

This is the main message that Dr. Nickolas Travlos, Dean of the ALBA Graduate Business School, delivers through his interview with “Kappa”, the magazine insert of the Sunday edition of Kathimerini published on Sunday, March 30. Dean Travlos, a versatile economist who, apart from his position at ALBA, also serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Athens International Airport explains the reasons why he quit his academic position at the Greek public university to join the American College of Greece and how such groundbreaking decisions can support an educational system that is recognized by the universal academic community.

Dean Travlos stresses out the importance of creating academic institutions that help students develop into business executives adequately qualified to serve the Greek economy, instead of “turning diamonds into coal”. ALBA Graduate Business School at the American College of Greece supports its students’ ideas towards becoming robust business plans, such as the innovative idea of an ALBA MBA student to use nanotechnology in construction materials.

Overall, Dean Travlos expresses the belief that education should be a vital member of the productive forces of the country, in order for Greece to be more competitive and start taking advantage of its unique human resources.

To read the full interview in Greek, please click here.