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COVID-19 | School Closure Q&A

Because we have been instructed by the Ministry of Education & Religious Affairs.

For 14 days as per instructions of the Ministry of Health

On March 26th

No, the campus is closed to all but designated personnel.

  1. Do the deadlines of midterms / projects still apply?
    Midterms will be rescheduled. Check with your instructor.
  2. What happens if postponed deadlines interfere with already booked tickets to return home?
    You will be able to travel home and arrangements will be made for your examinations to be taken at your home institution.
  3. Does coursework continue?
    Deree coursework will continue on blackboard. Check with your instructor how you can stay engaged. Alba Graduate Business School classes are suspended.
  4. Can I contact my professor?
    Yes, via email.
  5. Are my absences excused?
    Not during the period when Deree is offering instruction via Blackboard.

Yes, the counselling center will be available via Skype. Please email [email protected] to schedule a skype session.

Yes. 8:00-22:00
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 210 600-9800 ext. 1093, 1193, 1500
Skype: nurse.deree.

No, all premises are closed.

No, Dipnosofistirion will remain closed. For students with pre-purchased meal plans, please contact Dipnosofistirio ([email protected] , 6977-912422) for further arrangements. You will need to pre-order one day before. A special menu will be available.

From ,,, plus all the deliveries from the Aghia Paraskevi area.

Residences will be staffed.

Keep your families updated by sharing the notifications sent out by ACG.

Respective embassies will have information posted on their websites (US Embassy:

Payments will proceed as usual. Missed hours can be made up after speaking with your supervisor.

Please check with your supervisor.