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“Company of the Year 2014”: The Victory of Youth Entrepreneurship!

On Wednesday, June 25, The American College of Greece hosted the finals of the panhellenic competition for young entrepreneurs "Company of the Year 2014", organized by Junior Achievement Greece. The main corridor of DEREE was filled with young entrepreneurs and the atmosphere was overflowing with innovation and enthusiasm. 13 teams from public and private high schools of Greece presented their business ideas and the winning team that will travel to Estonia for the European competition was announced later in the afternoon.

ATC (Athletic Technology Cooperation) company from I.M. Panagiotopoulos School team placed first in the competition with the impressive Night Eye bike lighting technology. The American College of Greece has one more reason to be the proud host of the competition, as the PIERCE team placed second with their digital application e-ΓΕΙΟΚΡΑΤΗΣ that provides innovative health services. Students of Psychiko College took the third place with DSC, a digital platform on the prevention of diabetes in youth. However, all teams that participated have won; they gained the experience and knowledge that will be their most valuable asset towards a successful business career in the future.

Recognizing the outstanding achievements of the students, DEREE – The American College of Greece offers scholarships to all 13 participating teams in any program of their choice: a full tuition scholarship to the team that placed first and 50%-75% tuition scholarships to the rest of the teams depending on their placement in the competition.

For more information on the DEREE Scholarship Program for the Company of the Year competition participants, please contact the Office of Admissions.