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Arts Festival 2017

From March 3 – 11, the Frances Rich School of Fine and Performing Arts at Deree, presents this year’s Arts Festival!

Following the successful course of the first Arts Festival in 2012, the festival is expected to be rich in various cultural events that will take place on campus.

Faculty and students from the departments of Music, Theatre Arts and Dance, and Visual Arts and Art History have collaborated with established artists to create an exciting program that combines lectures, master classes, performances, and workshops for a true celebration of the arts!

The festival kicks off with the exhibition “Keep on Keeping on. A visual meta-collection,” with historical works from the College’s art gallery creatively converging with recent works by Greek and foreign artists. The exhibition is curated by independent invitee Evita Tsokanta, under the artistic supervision of Galini Notti, Deree Art Registrar. The exhibition also includes new productions as well as collaborations with graduates of the Frances Rich School of Fine and Performing Arts.

The Department of Graphic Design and Høly Branding Agency present Futuracha Pro, a “creative journey from a typography course to thousands of users around the world”. In the same field, the lecture “The End of Type” will also be held, exploring language in the post-printing era.

Renowned pianist and Deree professor Dimitris Toufexis will give the master class and recital “The Romantic Piano,” concluding a musical lecture about interpretative approaches to the repertoire of the romantic period.

Catering to the theatrical part of the festival, T. Glinatsis, M. Milolidaki, E. Minakouli, and C. Trent, have organized two music theatre workshops which are open to the public, involving both the students and the visitors.

Solkattu, the South Indian rhythmic language, is the central theme of the introductory workshop by Sami Amiris, jazz pianist and Deree Music professor. From the field of contemporary dance, of particular interest are two recent works by Thresh Dance Company, the performances “Études” and “Stories by Hand.”

Electric guitarist Angelos Matsopoulos invites students to a guitar jam session and music workshop, while the Theatre Arts Department, in collaboration with renowned theatre director Barbara Doukas, will present a workshop that examines the origins of the foreign in the body, in the country, and in our minds, and poses the question: “Who is the stranger now?”

And of course, this year’s Arts Festival would be incomplete without Arts@Deree Day, a day specially designed for high school students to get a taste of the arts! The event hosts a variety of workshops and seminars delivered by our faculty of the Frances Rich School of Fine and Performing Arts.

Find out more about the Arts Festival, and the exhibition “Keep on Keeping on. A visual meta-collection.”