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Alba wins the AMBA MBA Innovation Award 2015!

Alba Graduate Business School recently won the AMBA’s MBA Innovation Award 2015 in a grand ceremony held at the Langham Hotel in London.  The awards are organized by The Association of MBAs (AMBA), an international authority on graduate business education with 200 distinguished member business schools from around the world.

The award was in recognition of the uniqueness and impact of the innovation Creative Expression in Business in The Alba MBA. This aspect of the program draws from diverse artistic traditions to promote students’ immersive expression of business challenges such as teamwork, improvisation, learning, leadership, or creativity. Alba has embraced this new business logic boldly and comprehensively, creating an active, personal, and expressive training program. The intention is to facilitate the students’ transformative journey, so that they can become leaders able to navigate through the increasing ambiguity, paradox, and change of the modern world.

The award acknowledges two important elements of the Alba MBA: Creativity & Innovation, a core course which includes producing videos to narrate stories of creativity, and Managements Acts: A Theatrical Integration, a capstone course which acts as an integrative MBA experience through acting, directing, and production management.

This award celebrates the pioneering work of Olga Epitropaki, who also holds the Stavros Costopoulos Chair in Human Resource Management and Development, in Management Acts, accomplished in collaboration with Katerina Nikolopoulou from the Deree Frances Rich School of Fine & Performing Arts, as well as the work of Babis Mainemelis, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior, for Creativity & Innovation.

The success and distinction is also shared with Katerina Thomas, Dean of the Frances Rich School of Fine and Performing Arts, for supporting the collaboration, and Nikos Mylonopoulos, Associate Professor of Information Systems, who championed this set of innovations during his tenure as Associate Dean and Academic Director of the Alba MBA.

On a broader note, this international award celebrates Alba’s Business Unusual spirit that, despite the country’s challenging economic conditions, has carved a path of uncompromising quality and entrepreneurship.

Congratulations to all involved for advancing ACG’s mission of providing education of the highest standards!