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Alba Receives Second Prize in HR Excellence Awards

We are delighted to share with you the international recognition of ALBA and its Executive Development Department that received the second prize in the 2015 HR Excellence Award during the HR Summit and Expo 2015, in Dubai, the most prestigious and largest HR conference in the Middle East. The award was presented to ALBA for the Executive Development Program (EDP) it offers to Novo Nordisk executives that arrive in Dubai to attend the Program from Africa, the Middle East and India. This particular award recognizes various virtues of the Program: the Program’s relevance and alignment to Novo Nordisk’s talent development strategy, the innovative elements in the Program curriculum, the Program’s overall impact on its participants professional development, the dissemination of current and relevant managerial knowledge, and Novo Nordisk’s trust on ALBA to continuously deliver this Program from 2004 onwards, are few of the Program’s elements that are recognized with the award.

“This is indeed fantastic news! It is definitely something to be proud of for the entire team” exclaimed in an internal communication a senior HR leader at Novo Nordisk. “It is a special day for our School to be recognized for its excellence and business relevance by the international business community,” states emphatically Professor Travlos, the Dean at the ALBA Graduate Business School at The American College of Greece.

Novo Nordisk regional Headquarters in Dubai overlook its affiliates in a wide range of countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia with employees representing a richness of cultural and ethnic diversity. Facing a very diverse and quite specialized employee base, Novo Nordisk set a strategic priority to help its employees quickly and in a consistent and systematic way develop broader managerial capabilities, and business insights and acumen, and thus “transform” them from “specialists to generalists”. Thus, in 2004 the company established a long lasting partnership with ALBA and invited the School to design and deliver an EDP for its region affiliates’ middle and senior managers.

The Program so far has completed five cycles with a total of 110 graduates. Several of its graduates have advanced their career within the company resuming very senior positions (Country G.M., functional Directors, etc.).

“I can see a conscious change in several candidates who have applied the knowledge gained in various functions…more than 90% of Program alumni are strong contributors and their support has definitely lifted the confidence of the organization and the subsequent outcomes,” states a country G.M. in assessing the Program impact, while another senior company executive claims that “when interviewing participants after graduating from the Program, we receive all positive comments. They also emphasize how the Program helps them in their everyday life in the office. The Program is not simply theory but gives them relevant tools to apply. This is the biggest compliment for the Program!”

The qualities of the ALBA Executive Development offerings, such as the ALBA EDP at Novo Nordisk, reflect a Business School that is recognized internationally for its innovativeness and academic excellence in developing, through scientific and applied research, and disseminating, through its program offerings, cutting edge managerial knowledge and practices; a School that is meritocratic and entrepreneurial and has a mission to serve effectively the local and the international business community.

The international recognition of the ALBA EDP Program at Novo Nordisk in Dubai also demonstrates the ability of Greece-based organizations to create high value added, knowledge intensive, services that are well positioned and received by the world market. Evidently, the country could emerge as a hub in the provision of knowledge intensive services that show significant growth potential.The necessary resources are available (e.g. human capital), Greece-based organizations do have the necessary capabilities (innovativeness, outward looking strategic focus, entrepreneurship) in doing so, and with the appropriate supportive business environment they can flourish worldwide