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ACG volunteers help restore a fire-stricken family business of ACG Alumni in Northern Evia

ACG volunteers in Rovies

Staying true to our motto – “To serve, not to be served” – on September 4, 2021, ACG volunteers helped restore the olive grove at Eleonas Hotel in Rovies, Northern Evia, a family business, whose owners represent three generations of ACG Alumni.

Τhe Office of Public Affairs, in collaboration with the Office of Advancement and the Deree Student Emergency Response Force (SERF), led a group of 33 comprising alumni, SERFers, ACG Sustainability Leaders, Pierce students and parents, and staff. Together, from the youngest to the eldest, our volunteers cleaned the house and the surrounding areas and carefully removed the burnt branches and olives from the estate’s olive grove. An act of service, but also an act of love, for our fellow human beings – Marina, Stefanos, Argini, and George, in this case.

This initiative was kindly supported by UNISON GROUP who contributed with the necessary equipment (rakes, shovels, scissors, saws, gloves and one handbarrow).

Safety measures for the protection against Covid-19 were strictly followed and all participants provided either their vaccination or recovery certificates or negative PCR/rapid tests.

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ACG volunteers in Rovies