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ACG stays smoke-free and is helping you make a fresh start!

September has always been a month of new beginnings and a time of transformation for many: A new year in college, a new job or perhaps a new routine for happier, healthier living, like embarking on a fitness regime or quitting smoking.

Keen on fresh starts and an advocate of all things promoting good health and sustainability, ACG is launching a smoke-free awareness campaign as of September 1, reiterating its commitment to staying tobacco free, as provided for in the anti-smoking law in effect since 2009. The awareness campaign is spearheaded by the Office of Public Affairs and the ACG Institute of Public Health (IPH). Professor Panagiotis Behrakis, Director of the Institute of Public Health is also heading the council of experts steering the Greek government’s anti-smoking campaign.

The purpose of the campaign is two-fold: to remind all ACG community—from students, to faculty, to staff and employees­­, to parents, to alumni and guests across all divisions and campuses —to keep our indoor and outdoor areas smoke-free and to convince those engaged in this unhealthy habit to make a fresh start and choose life instead.

Please click here for the official announcement.