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ACG remains Smoke Free and is providing a new policy!

Over the last two years, ACG has adapted into new smoke free reality. Hence, the Greek government has revalidated the anti-smoking law for educational institutions (Article 3 of the Greek Law No 3730/2008), declaring that, all types of smoking, including vaping, are completely prohibited on campus and the residences, in all indoor and outdoor areas.

Administration has received several complaints for students who are still not conforming to this new policy. Thus, based on the above anti-smoking law, from Monday, November 1st, any violations of this law will incur reprimanding measures as per the student code. Based on the number of repeated violations, measures starting from steps 1 (verbal reprimand) and 2 (written warning), leading up to the ultimate possible penalty – expulsion – will be enforced.

Deree Student Affairs Office along with ACG Health Wellness Center remain at the disposal of its members who intend to quit smoking.

Let’s maintain our campus fresh while advocating a healthier lifestyle for all.

Please click here and here to find out more about the above regulations.