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ACG Receives Transformative Gift from AEGEAS CNPC

Deree – The American College of Greece is proud to announce a new collaboration with AEGEAS Non-Profit Civil Company (AEGEAS CNPC). Beginning in the 2021-2022 academic year, “The AEGEAS CNPC Expendable Scholarships Fund” provides scholarships to deserving Deree students who are academically promising but are facing financial difficulties.

AEGEAS CNPC has as its core mission the strengthening and highlighting of education, culture and scientific research. “The AEGEAS CNPC Faculty Development Fellowship” will have an immediate impact on Deree by paving the way to attract and retain the best faculty and providing 5-10 fellowships for faculty to apply their time to research, writing and professional development.

The AEGEAS Non-Profit Civil Company was incorporated in 2015 by Athanasios and Marina Martinou to undertake their already valuable, individual non-profit, cultural and social work. The company is active in many different sectors, including education, sports, health, cultural and religious heritage, social non-profits and scientific research.

In these unprecedented times, we are especially grateful to the AEGEAS Non-Profit Civil Company for its generosity and confidence in endorsing our mission of adding distinctive and sustainable value to our students, Greece and the global community. This gift will help equip our faculty with the best professional advancement opportunities to strengthen ACG’s capacity to educate and empower deserving young people to become global citizens and make a positive difference in society.

— David G. Horner, President of The American College of Greece

To find out more about this and other available scholarships, please click here. For additional info, you can contact the Financial Assistance and Planning Office at tel.: +30 210 600 9800, ext. 1304, 1305, 1306, 1327 or via e-mail.