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ACG launches its own reuse and exchange community platform!

Reuse at ACG Exchange Platform

It is our pleasure to introduce to you the new community exchange platform Reuse@ACG, exclusively available to all ACG students, faculty and staff, launched in celebration of the annual European Week for Waste reduction, November 21-29, 2020.

Even though we are currently going through challenging times, ACG remains committed to caring for the environment. Following US best practices, the Office of Public Affairs is introducing one more “sustainable custom” to our daily lives by launching a platform which aims at encouraging us to reduce and reuse the amount of items that we buy and throw away. Through this platform, you can give a second life to items you no longer need by offering them to people that might need them, as well as get into the habit of checking out second-hand items before buying anything new!

We are proud to inform you that the Reuse@ACG exchange platform is the product of Deree students’ work! More specifically, the platform was designed and developed by Information Technology students of the Project Based Learning (PBL) workgroup, namely Marios Louvaris, Ioannis Reklos and Alexandros Ntourmisis, under the guidance and support of IT Professor Evgenia Vagianou.

This platform is the most recent addition in a series of initiatives in the context of the “ACG Waste Reduction & Recycling Campaign: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”, which aims at educating our community on the importance of proper waste management and the waste hierarchy. What had initially started out with a series of activities on recycling on campus is now flourishing into a more holistic approach on how we use and reuse preloved items!

Why Reuse?

It is easy, it is practical, it is clever and it feels good!

The best way to eliminate waste is to not create it in the first place. By reusing things, you lower the amount of material dispatched to either landfills or recycling centers, while simultaneously decreasing the need for manufacturers to extract new materials from our planet!

Make it a habit to donate and/or find through the Reuse@ACG exchange platform a variety of items such as books, games, electronics, clothes, small furniture, gadgets, etc.

How to access Reuse@ACG

Make sure to check your ACGMail for the ACG memo sent to community members where you will find all the necessary information on how to log-in to the platform for the first time.

You will also receive a separate, personalized, email with your login details in the coming days.

Additional instructions on how to post in order to give away and/or request an item as well as on the general use of the platform can be found in the platform itself.

Let’s all start reusing now.

Because ACG Cares!