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ACG IGA Brings Greek-Turkish Relations in the Spotlight

The ACG Institute of Global Affairs (IGA), in collaboration with The Foundation for Türkiye Studies, recently organized the “Greek-Turkish Relations in the Spotlight” conference, following the successful 1st Greek-Turkish Media & Academy Forum, held in Istanbul last October. The conference focused on the imperative of maintaining and enhancing the ‘positive agenda’ in Greek-Turkish relations. It also emphasized the expansion of communication channels and the initiatives that need to be undertaken.

ACG Vice President of Public Affairs Claudia Carydis made the opening remarks, highlighting the role of education, the youth, and civil discourse in shaping a mutually beneficial future for both countries. She also referred to ACG’s historical roots, tracing back to its foundation in Smyrna in 1875.

During his speech and moderation of the first panel, the IGA Director, Professor Constantinos Filis, acknowledged the genuine and substantial disputes between Greece and Turkey, emphasizing the goal of bridging differences through dialogue rather than immediate resolution. ACG Professors and IGA Board members Emmanuel Skoulas and Ilay Romain Ors joined other distinguished Greek and Turkish academics and journalists as speakers in the panel discussions.

Professor Filis also stated, “We don’t want to convince our Turkish colleagues that our arguments are just – nor will they change our view of their positions. However, we do want to identify any misperceptions or stereotypes. We want to open a channel of dialogue between the most dynamic strata of society: the younger generation and those who participate in and influence the public discourse.”

ACG students and other faculty members who attended took an active role in the conference by posing thoughtful questions throughout the sessions.