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ACG hosted the Front Runners in Sports Management 4.0 conference

On March 31-April 2, 2022, the ACG Sports Management Society, School of Business & Economics hosted The Front Runners in Sports Management 4.0 conference. The free-to-attend conference was supported by the ACG Center of Excellence in Food, Tourism & Leisure (CoEFTL) and co-organized by the experienced team of ActiveMedia Group, the Greek multi-awarded sports marketing agency. ActiveMedia Group won the Bronze Award in the Best COVID response category at the 2021 Sports Marketing Awards.

This year’s Sports Management 4.0 conference was the first since 2018 and was delivered in hybrid mode. ACG hosted esteemed speakers from national and international sports organizations who shared insightful information about their experience and knowledge in various fields of the ever-growing sports industry. Moreover, participants had the opportunity to develop their professional network in the field of sports management. The broader topics addressed sports tourism, fan engagement and the sports industry.

Dr. Eugenia Tzoumaka, Professor of Marketing and Communications, Deree-ACG

The event included 600+ participants from 24 countries, 300+ businesses, 40+ speakers, 30% of which were women, 20+ hour sessions and 100+ questions from the audience.

Dr. Athanasios Krystallis, Executive Director of the CoEFTL, was one of the featured speakers at the event. In his presentation, Dr. Krystallis gave an overview of the CoEFTL and how its impactful research can benefit Greek society and the economy. Watch Dr. Krystallis’ presentation in full here.