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Highlighting Sustainability: ACG’s Food Waste Management Initiatives Unveiled at Pressious Arvanitidis Co-Create Days

In the context of the Co-Create Days with Partner initiative by Pressious Arvanitidis company, ACG’s Sustainability Director, Rania Assariotaki, accompanied by two Deree students, Konstantina Cheimara and Giorgos Artelaris, recently showcased the College’s initiatives combatting food waste.

During the presentation, they not only highlighted ACG’s endeavors but also shared their personal experiences and offered practical suggestions for reducing food waste, both at home and at work.

Giorgos passionately stated, “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it,” inspiring all participants to recognize the significance of fighting against food waste.

The company’s Business Development Director, Despoina Barouxaki, thanked ACG by saying, “We gathered a wealth of information that concerns our daily lives, and it was truly gratifying to hear young individuals convey such important messages of awareness, responsibility, and cultural change.”

As part of the Co-Create Days with Partner initiative, Pressious Arvanitidis invites industry experts to share successful case studies or projects encompassing diverse themes relevant to the officers. This prominent Greek graphic design and offset/digital printing company warmly embraced the insights and recommendations presented by ACG. With a focus on raising awareness and fostering proactive measures, Pressious Arvanitidis is committed to addressing critical issues in collaboration with external experts.