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ACG Community Service Day Spring 2021 – A ‘sweet’ volunteer initiative in support of the EMFASIS Foundation!

ACG Community Service Day

Celebrating the spirit of Easter, ACG faculty and staff gathered at the Pierce Home Economics professional kitchen on Monday, April 26, to prepare, bake and package sweet treats for a good cause!

In this Spring ACG Community Service Day, organized by the Office of Public Affairs, our volunteers managed to bake and prepare 186 individual packages of muffins and cookies and gather a small monetary donation.

These baked goods and the donation were delivered to the EMFASIS Foundation in the context of their Easter Campaign “No one alone” (Κανείς Μόνος) in support of people living in the streets.

Despite the difficult times we are all experiencing, ACG volunteers came together once again to help the broader community.

Because ACG Cares!