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ACG Community Service Day at Loulis Mills: Baking together for a good cause!

On Wednesday, November 27, ACG volunteers visited the Loulis Mills Greek Baking School in the context of the Fall 2019 ACG Community Service Day, organized by the Office of Public Affairs.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, A Gymnasium Pierce students with their teachers, Deree students from the International Honors Program, ACG Sustainability Leaders, faculty, and staff members baked and packaged treats under the direction of professional pastry chefs.

Our students were excited to have participated in such an initiative. “Audrey Hepburn once said that ‘As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands — one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.;’ During our community service day at Loulis Mills, we Deree volunteers, baked with both!,” says ACG Sustainability Leader and IHP student, Dionysis Tzavaras.

Loulis Mills offered their superb facilities, ingredients for the baked goods, and the pastry chefs, in order to support this volunteer initiative. We would like to especially thank Mrs. Olga Manou, Pierce alumna and Corporate Communications and Sustainability Director, Loulis Mills S.A., for her support and warm welcome!

ACG volunteers baked and packaged a total of 364 baked goods, including muffins, sweet bread, and cheese bread, which were donated to families through the NGO Boroume (“We Can”). “Baking sweet treats for others made me realize the exponential impact of kindness and the priceless value of volunteering. I could not have spent my Thanksgiving in a more fulfilling way. Contributing towards a good cause is something every student should engage with. It is our duty. Every small gesture counts! Thank you for organizing such initiatives every year!,” states IHP student, Iris Patra.

Our volunteers also got the opportunity to visit the interactive Loulis Mills museum, which traces the company’s history through the ages and, among other things, raises awareness about food waste and ways to tackle it.

This heartwarming volunteer experience will remain with us, students, faculty, and staff alike, for a very long time! In the words of Sophia Zevgoli, Director, International Honors Program, “Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to help others. It reminded us of the great satisfaction one can get from giving rather than receiving!”

Because ACG Cares!

ACG Community Service Day, Fall 2019