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ACG and Athena Research Center Join Forces to Promote Innovation and Research

The American College of Greece and the Athena Research Center (ARC) have officially announced their collaboration to undertake joint initiatives and actions. This partnership leverages the expertise and capabilities of both institutions to focus on academic research, development and implementation of research programs, outreach, innovation, and cooperation with public and private sector entities. The collaboration was announced during a ceremony on June 2, 2023, following the signing of an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) in February 2023.

Filling in for ACG President David G. Horner, who was unable to attend the ceremony, Professor Loren J. Samons, Chief Academic Advisor and Executive Director of the Institute for Hellenic Culture and the Liberal Arts at ACG, remarked how ACG has many natural overlaps with ARC in both institutions’ pursuit of academic excellence, research advancements and societal impact.

Professors Loren J. Samons and Yiannis Emiris

Dr. Constantinos Papadias, Scientific Director of the ACG Research Center (ACG-RC), summarized the importance of the collaboration when he stated: “We are very happy to bring to fruition this collaboration with the Athena Research Center, given their strong presence in research and technological innovation, particularly in the realm of information technologies. This agreement sets the stage for a productive and synergistic partnership wherein ACG and ARC can collaborate on joint research projects, exchange knowledge and expertise, and collectively contribute to the advancement of science and technology in Greece and beyond.”

Professor Yiannis Emiris, President and General Director of Athena Research Center, and a Professor at the Department of Informatics & Telecommunications at the University of Athens stated: ‘‘We are extremely pleased with the establishment of this collaboration with The American College of Greece. We believe that our collaborative efforts and mutually supportive initiatives will yield exceptional research and development outcomes. These outcomes will not only benefit our respective organizations but also have a positive impact on society at large, especially in the fields of education and technological innovation.”

Dr. Constantinos Papadias and Professor Yiannis Emiris

Dr. Vasiliki Founta, Director of Strategic Partnerships at ARC, highlighted the potential avenues of collaboration between ARC and ACG based on the complementarity in research, innovation and academic excellence between the two institutions. She stressed the importance of jointly exploring avenues and combining our resources and knowledge to unlock new possibilities and make significant contributions in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation, research and much more.

The American College of Greece and Athena Research Center are committed to the promotion of knowledge and innovation through our partnership. We strive to establish a strong social footprint by engaging in collaborative actions aimed at driving innovation and producing meaningful research results. This collaboration goes beyond the individual goals of our institutions and focuses on the broader goal of making a positive difference in Greek society.