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Deree Environmental Studies students win 1st and 2nd prize awards in the CLIMATHON Piraeus competition


Six Deree Environmental Studies students won the 1st and 2nd prize awards in the CLIMATHON Piraeus competition, November 20 & 21, 2021, Blue Lab – Municipality of Piraeus. CLIMATHON Piraeus was co-organized by The American College of Greece through the Center of Excellence in Sustainability (CoES), the Center of Excellence in Logistics, Shipping and Transportation (CoLST) and the Department of Science and Mathematics, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

CLIMATHON is an initiative of EIT Climate KIC and aims at the amplification of actions by municipalities and communities for climate change mitigation, adaptation and increase of resilience.

The Deree students, responded to the Challenge of ‘identifying innovative solutions and plans on Eco-mobility and sustainable urban planning for the city of Piraeus’:

  • 1st prize for team ‘The Ants’ who presented an innovative application based on biomimicry inspired by the communities of Ants, for reducing traffic congestion and providing holistic eco-mobility solutions. ACG Students: Iró Tsoutsa del Río, Taylor Lindeman.
  • 2nd prize for team ‘HAMA’ who presented the idea of ‘super blocks’ and how those can contribute to improving mobility within the city while introducing nature and supporting social cohesion. ACG Students: Hayley Turner, Anna Fudge, Manuela Ferro and Alexandros Goumas.

Dr. Stella Apostolaki (CoES) and Dr. George Kokosalakis (CoLST) supported the Event as presenters, experts and mentors of the participating teams.