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Pioneering Excellence: A Vision of The American College of Greece

In an interview with eKathimerini, Dan Smith, the new chairman of the board of The American College of Greece (ACG) and former US ambassador to Greece, emphasized the numerous advantages and future plans of ACG. Smith highlighted that ACG offers students an education comparable to that of American universities, and investments are being made to enhance its reputation through research, publications, and educational exchanges. ACG is attracting a growing number of international students, with 17% of the student body being international, including a significant percentage of Americans.

Smith expressed optimism about the institution’s future, mentioning plans to expand its footprint in Greece. He discussed ACG’s efforts to attract American students, stating that the institution already appeals to a large extent. ACG’s investments in faculty development, research, and publications are expected to enhance its appeal further. Smith also mentioned plans to promote the school in the US, aiming to raise awareness among Americans about the importance of ACG and its contribution to Greece and Greek-American relations.

As ACG celebrates 100 years of operation in Greece this year and as we approach our 150th founding anniversary in 2025, ACG’s history of resilience and determination is highlighted in Smith’s interview, paralleling that of Greece itself.

If you would like to read Smith’s interview, please click here.