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8th European Corporate Aviation Summit (ECAS) by the ACG Centers of Excellence in Logistics, Shipping and Transportation (CoETL) and Tourism and Leisure (CoETL) co-organized with AeroPodium

The 8th European Corporate Aviation Summit (ECAS) was hosted virtually and co-organized, with AeroPodium, by the ACG Center of Excellence in Logistics, Shipping and Transportation (CoETL) and the ACG Center of Excellence in Tourism and Leisure (CoETL). Held on October 30, 2020, the online event featured Mr. Harry Theoharis, the Minister of Tourism of the Hellenic Republic as the keynote speaker, as well as three panels with 12 industry and academic experts from around the world. Attendees tuned in primarily from Greece and other European countries but there was also attendance from North and South America as well as from Asian countries. Dr. Triant Flouris, Executive Director of the two Centers, served as the moderator.

In his remarks, Minister Theoharis highlighted the inextricable link between Aviation and Tourism as well as the Greek government’s proactive strategy in ensuring the safeguarding of the Tourism sector of the economy, which COVID-19 has challenged. While COVID-19 and its impact was the pervasive theme of the Summit, topics such as aviation insurance and safety as well as aircraft selling, leasing, management, and operation, especially in the context of the European business environment, were addressed in detail.

Conclusions pointed to the relative insulation of the corporate aviation market from the severe impact of COVID-19, as it appears that it is almost in a state of business as usual, with the propensity to assist in the recovery of other sectors of aviation.

In the context of the ACG 150 strategic plan, The American College of Greece will continue to engage in an international public dialogue addressing key issues affecting the global economy, through targeted presentations and discussions by top experts.

If you’re interested in watching the video of the event, please email College Events – Office of Public Affairs, [email protected]