Argyro Kefala


MA in Strategic Communication & Public Relations, Graduate Diploma in Public Relations, Program Coordinator

BA, Deree- The American College of Greece; MA, Temple University, USA; PhD, Sociology, New York University, USA

Dr. Argyro Kefala has been a member of Deree Communication faculty since 2004 and she is the Graduate Program Coordinator of the MA in Strategic Communication & PR. She has served as Head of the Communication Department and she teaches courses in the areas of mass media, communication theory, and public relations. Her research interests include political communication and visual communication. Dr. Kefala has taught for a decade at New York University, Manhattan Marymount College, and Temple University (USA) and has had an extensive professional career having worked as a journalist in New York City and as a communication consultant for the Ministry of Education and other governmental and non-profit organizations in Greece. She has also published a novel, a collection of stories, and a poetry collection.