February, 2018

201805Feb15:0015:50The role of technological attitudes in a developed and an emerging market15:00 - 15:50

Event Details

A round table discussion by
Dr. Perrea Panagiota
School of Business

When: Monday, February 5, 15:00–15:50

Where: Upper Level Library

Organized by: Faculty Research Seminars 2017-18 Series

The role of technological attitudes in a developed and an emerging market

Acceptance of technological innovations is subject to heterogeneity across cultures, due to different attitudes consumers hold towards technology. Consumers in different cultures may develop different gain-loss perceptions in association with new, technologically innovative products. This study tests and validates in a developed and an emerging market (i.e. the UK and China respectively) a modified version of the Customer Value model, a conceptual framework that describes the pattern in which Customer Value (CV) perceptions develop and lead to a number of relational and behavioural outcomes, in the context of technologically innovative products. Moreover, the study explores the role attitudes towards technology play in the CV development process in the two markets. Testing the CV model in the two markets revealed common patterns, as well as some notable differences. Furthermore, attitudes towards technology discriminated meaningfully among consumers based on their value perceptions only in the emerging market, possibly due to the fact that in the emerging market the value-giving properties of the new product are much stronger than any potential cost or risk from its adoption. Overall, understanding the differences in the way consumers in developed and emerging markets perceive gain-loss trade-offs and the resulting relational and behavioural outcomes is crucial. Marketers further need to acknowledge the different role that consumer attitudes towards technology play in impacting on the way Customer Value develops. Further research is needed, however, to delineate a possible moderation effect of attitudes towards technology on CV development in developed and emerging markets.