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Event Details

A two-day Professional Education seminar
with Georgia Mega, PhD   

When: Saturday, March 12 and April 9, 09:30-17:30

Where: 7th Level Auditorium, Aghia Paraskevi Campus – 6 Gravias Street

Language of Instruction: Greek

Audience: By registration only

Seats are limited, book your place early!


The Seminar is based on the method “Transformative Learning through Aesthetic Experience” by Professor Alexis Kokkos that has been demonstrated in 2.000 Greek Elementary and Secondary Schools, organizations of Adult Education, as well as in educational organizations in Denmark, Romania and Sweden within the framework of the European project ARTIT.

The Method of the Seminar: The participants observe and elaborate works of art, the content of which relates to the subjects they teach. Through the elaboration of the works of art, new ideas derive regarding the subjects at hand, making the teaching approach more deeper, engaging and effective.

Who is this for

The Seminar is addressed to: school teachers, adult educators and graduate students of respective programs, who wish to upgrade their skills by mastering an innovative educational method: the use of works of fine arts, literature, theatre, music, movies and dance, aiming to enrich their teaching practice and encourage the development of critical and creative thinking of their learners.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the Seminar participants will have developed:

  • Knowledge on the approaches of important scholars (such as Dewey, Gardner, Sartre, Freire, Perkins and others) concerning the importance of the use of art in education.
  • Knowledge on theoretic foundations regarding the development of critical and creative thinking through art (Mezirow, Kegan).
  • Knowledge of an innovative educational method based on the powerful role  of works of art in teaching.

Why attend

The participants will gain cognitive and emotional incentives to elaborate the issues they teach in a deeper and more resourceful way.

Duration (number of hours): 16 hours

Cost: 100€
Discounts: 80€ for ACG community and AEI students

Georgia Mega, PhD

Georgia Mega is Head Deputy of the Elementary Department in the Hellenic American Educational Foundation (HAEF) and tutor at the Hellenic Open University, where she teaches Adult Education Methodology. In her PhD (2002), she studied the role of Arts in Teaching Literature and especially how Arts can promote critical thinking.  She has a 22 year experience in teaching at primary education field, and more than 10 years in teaching adults. Her research interests focus on the observation of works of art as a methodological tool leading to the development of the learners’ critical thinking. She has been coordinator and author of modules of the national “Major Program for Teachers’ Training”. She has participated and composed educational materials for the European Lifelong Learning Program ‘ARTiT: Development of innovative methods of training the trainers’.

For more information and to reserve your place contact:
Voula Kyriakopoulou, tel : 210 600 9800 ext. 1332 or e-mail: [email protected]