November, 2023

202329Nov13:0017:30Network Me Up! Cybersecurity Day powered by Hack The Box & Obrela13:00 - 17:30

Event Details

When: November 29, 2023 | 13:00-17:30
ACG Events Hall

Organized by: The Office of Career Services

Supported by: The Cybersecurity and Networks Academic Program

About the event

Network Me Up! is a series of events organized by the ACG Office of Career Services with key companies operating in the Greek market. The goal of the events is to bring students & recent alumni for an up-close and personal event in order to gain real insight into a day in the life at these companies and network effectively for future internship/employment opportunities. The Office of Career Services partners with these companies in order to create a unique experience for the attendees, that’s not just another company presentation. Stay tuned for future events that take place throughout the academic year.

Embark on an immersive journey into the world of cybersecurity, guided by Hack The Box and Obrela.

Hack The Box is a global leader in gamified cybersecurity upskilling and talent assessment, engaging over 2 million members worldwide, fostering cyber-attack readiness and expanding team capabilities from their UK headquarters and offices in Greece and the US. Obrela, an industry-leading global cybersecurity provider, operates via Global Resilience Operations Centers from its London headquarters, extending services across the EMEA market.

Explore cutting-edge cybersecurity insights shared by these industry leaders and participate in hands-on workshops tailored to elevate your cybersecurity expertise.


November 29, ACG Events Hall

Cybersecurity Event Agenda

13:00-13:30 | Registration/Check-in

13:30-14:30 | Welcome and Company Presentations

Hack The Box Speakers:

  • Dimitris Melegkovits, Product Marketing Manager
  • Igor Bobryk, Talent Acquisition Lead

Obrela Speakers:

  • Iro Kaklamani, Compensation & Benefits Officer
  • Ioanna Kritikou, HR Officer

14:03-15:30 | Panel discussion on Employability

Hack The Box Speakers:

  • Dimitirs Bougioukas, Sr Training Developer
  • Igor Bobryk, Talent Acquisition Lead

Obrela Speakers:

  • Iro Kaklamani, Compensation & Benefits Officer
  • Ioanna Kritikou, HR Officer
  • Mike Michos, Talent Acquisition & Development Officer

15:30-16:30 | Hack The Box: Technical Workshop

Hack The Box Speaker:
Panagiotis Petsanas, Community Lead

Web Application Hacking Workshop

In this workshop we are going to take a look into a web challenge from one of our pillar CTF events. We are going to discuss how one  is supposed to solve such challenges, how they relate to the job of a penetration tester and what are the different approaches.

Prerequisites for Participation:

Active participation is not mandatory. For anyone interested to hack:

  • bring a laptop with BurpSuite installed (free edition, works on different platforms) an
  • create an account in

16:30-17:30 | Obrela: Technical Session

Obrela Speakers:
Vasiliki Stathopoulou, Threat Detection & Response Analyst
Thodoris Zervakis, Threat Detection & Response Analyst
Fanis Dimakis, SOC Officer

Privilege Escalation through the eyes of the SOC

In this workshop, SOC’s team will go through the following topics.

  • SOC as a service
  • Privilege Escalation
  • Live Demo: Attacker and SOC perspective

About the Companies

Hack The Box is a leading gamified cybersecurity upskilling, certification, and talent assessment platform enabling individuals, businesses, government institutions, and universities to sharpen their offensive and defensive security expertise. Launched in 2017, Hack The Box brings together the largest global cybersecurity community of more than 2m platform members and is on a mission to create and connect cyber-ready humans and organizations through highly engaging hacking experiences that cultivate out-of-the-box thinking. Offering a fully guided and exploratory skills development environment, Hack The Box is the ideal solution for cybersecurity professionals and organizations to continuously enhance their cyber-attack readiness by improving their red, blue, and purple team capabilities. Rapidly growing its international footprint and reach, Hack The Box is headquartered in the UK, with additional offices in Greece and the US.

Obrela is a global provider of cyber security services. Obrela provides security analytics and risk management services to identify, analyze, predict and prevent highly sophisticated security threats in real time. Founded in 2010 Obrela delivers Real Time Cyber Risk Management combining Threat Detection and Response (MDR) with the Managed Risk and Controls (MRC) services to resolve technology fragmentation and process disconnects, while aligning technology to business objectives leading to better decision-making. Headquartered in London, UK Obrela leverages a multi-tier operational model with Global Resilience Operations Centers and Regional Operations Centers to service the EMEA market combining international experience with local support. Obrela is recognized by Gartner Market Guide for its MDR and MSS services. Our mission is to ‘Keep Your Business in Business’.