March, 2019

201929MarAll Day31Meaningful Engagement Trip to Corinth(All Day)

Event Details

When:  March 29-31, 2019
Where: Corinth, Peloponnese

The Meaningful Engagement Trip, Deree Student Life’s co-curricular service learning and human rights program taking place every Fall and Spring in the Greek provinces, travels to Corinth!

Donate and be part of our team’s efforts to meet the needs of children supported by SOS Children’s Villages.
Donated items will be collected throughout this week at the Office of Student Affairs.

What are the needs?

  • Food supplies: Bread for toast, Ham, Spices (Pepper, Cinnamon, etc.), Baking powder/soda, Vanilla, Flower, Tomato paste, Yeast, Sesame flower, Mayo, Pita (for souvlaki), Green beans, Peas
  • Household supplies: Big garbage bags, Small garbage bags for bathroom, Flat cloths for cleaning, Metal Sponges for pots/pans, Cups, Pitchers, Deep plates, Spatulas, Tupperware, Throwaway gloves, Toilet brush, Forks and spoons, Vacuums, Cleaning supplies, (Bleach, All purpose cleaner), Brooms & Broom pans, Sponges, Zip lock bags, Big garbage cans, Plastic baskets for laundry, Mattress covers, Light bulbs
  • Personal hygiene products & Pharmaceutical supplies: Shampoo and conditioner, Rubbing alcohol, Eye drops for irritation, Band-Aids, Lice shampoo

The Meaningful Engagement Team thanks you for donating and supporting our commitment and dedication to give back!

We are forever grateful for your gestures of sharing and caring!

If you wish to donate larger items or quantities, we kindly request that you first send an email to [email protected], subject line: MET DRIVE, to briefly describe your in-kind donation and provide us with a phone number where the Meaningful Engagement Team can reach you to confirm that the item can be received and arrange how the donated item will be picked up and stored. As the team will be traveling by bus, the ability to transfer larger objects is limited.

ACG Cares!