January, 2017

201731Jan13:4015:00Israel – Its Internal and External Challenges13:40 - 15:00

Event Details

Ambassadors Forum Lecture Series

A presentation on current developments in the Eastern Mediterranean region
 and Israeli-Greek relations by:
H.E. Mrs. Irit Ben-Abba Vitale
Ambassador of Israel to Greece

When: Tuesday, January 31, 13:40-15:00

Where: John S. Bailey Library, Upper Level

Organized by:
Institute of Diplomacy & Global Affairs – Office of Public Affairs
International Business Society


Israel was established 68 years ago. It has a population of 8.5 million, out of which 20% are non-Jews, Moslems, Christians, Druze and others, all of which are Israeli citizens. The Jewish population comprises of people who immigrated to the historical Land of Israel from all parts of the world, after 2000 years of exile. The challenges of social cohesion are immense. The security challenges are massive.

The Middle East geopolitical structure that was formed 100 years ago is collapsing, the Arab Spring did not bring a wave of democratic struggle to the region, but total collapse of the old regimes, and the total disintegration of state structures, giving way to the emergence of non-state entities that create a chaotic situation in our region, the repercussions of which affect whole of Europe.

Israel and Greece have enjoyed friendly bilateral relations in the last few years, that are a direct consequence of the fragile situation in the East Mediterranean. As democracies, we share common practices of social and political structure and, as countries of a long history of ancient civilizations, we appreciate the rule of law and prosperity to our people and nations.

On Tuesday,  January 31 2017, at 13:40-15:00, the Ambassador of Israel to Greece, Her Excellency Irit Ben-Abba, will deliver a speech on the challenges Israel is facing today, and on Israel-Greece relations as a stabilizing factor in the East Mediterranean.

For Ambassador Irit Ben-Abba’s full biography, please click here.