May, 2023

202330May15:0016:00Invest in Love: Decolonial, Feminist, and Queer Curatorial Approaches in deep dive (pause): uncoiling memory15:00 - 16:00

Event Details

When: Tuesday, May 30 2023, 15:00-16:00
Where: 7th Level Auditorium

Organized by:
The Art History Society

About the event

Name of the speaker: Kate Wilcox

Information for the speaker: Kate M. Wilcox is an Edinburgh-based museum professional who creates supportive museum experiences that encourage inquiry, reflection, and critical thinking.

Commissioned by the Scotland + Venice consortium to produce a multimedia installation for the 59th International Art Exhibition, artist-curator Alberta Whittle employs her signature wayward curatorial approach in the creation of deep dive (pause): uncoiling memory, which is envisioned as a ‘space built on black love, care, queerness, community and healing.’ This presentation begins by providing context as to why wayward curation is necessary to combat the exclusionary mandates of hegemonic institutions and acknowledges the political interests of the installation’s commissioner. This is followed by an analysis of how modes of resistance are conceptualized within the critical theories Whittle has identified as influential to her practice. Wayward curation is further deconstructed with a final assessment of how the content, design, and production of the installation resists racist, patriarchal, and heteronormative paradigms embedded within the art world. Central to this is Whittle’s network of accomplices – composed of institutions, curators, performers, technicians, and invigilators – who forge a mutually supportive mode of operating through an additive production process. Also worth examination is the continuing evolution of this exhibition as it changes galleries, institutions, and audiences.