April, 2024

202419AprAll Day27(En)Closures | Senior exhibition 2024 | Visual Arts(All Day)

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Opening Friday, April 19, 18:30 – 21:30

Duration 20.04-27.04

Opening M-F 15:00 – 18:00

Saturday 12:00-16:00

Where: ACG Art Gallery


About the Event

The Visual Arts Program of the Frances Rich School of Fine and Performing Arts of Deree – The American College of Greece, is very pleased to present its Senior exhibition 2024 in the ACG Gallery, titled (En)Closures.

Students completing the Visual Arts program have spent a full academic year to research and realize a project related to their specific interests as emerging visual artists. Graduating students, Sabri El Charif, Le’Ann Hinds, Theodore Kapetnakis, Xenia Michou, Kriton-Nektarios Saccopoulos, Iva Terzieva, and Anna Tiligada present their installations, paintings, videos and sculpture. Please join us at the opening to see the work and meet the artists.

In an era of transition and uncertainty, the artists present us with a series of (En)Closures. Entering strange shelters, we observe what has been hidden:  Trauma plays out endlessly in intergenerational repetition. We see a woman’s illness through an objectifying medical gaze.  Nature integrates uneasily with a foundation of trash. We might suspect everyone in a fictional crime. We might suspect everyone of dismissing a real crime against humanity. Amidst these ongoing traumas, sculpted bodies are contorted by powerful emotions and carnival humor. And a soul strives for rebirth through a redemption of color, form and spiritual renewal. (En)Closures asks us to surpass borders and the limits of our perception to truly see our fragile spaces, demarcated by traumas imagined, remembered, or very much in the present.

Sabri El Charif

Under This Sky
By exposing the uninformed viewer to conflict’s anonymous dead, a negation of the dehumanizing, statistical representation of its high volume of casualties occurs. Inviting the viewer to a memorial of those thus forgotten, the artwork serves to reinstate the humanity and sanctity of the victims which would otherwise be lost to the distancing, artificial barriers created between the viewers of news and its subjects.

Le’Ann Hinds

The series Moments presents four powerful emotions through sculptures of the human body. They mark the culmination of her college experience and time abroad. Exploring the depths of sorrow, primal rage, chaotic insanity, and blissful euphoria, each work evokes raw human experiences to offer a window into the human psyche. Encountering the work is like walking through a memory lane that isn’t one’s own. It is meant to invite connection and understanding.

Theodore Kapetanakis

Αντίλαλοι (Echoes)’ is a sound installation consisting of readymade objects. By recreating a stripped-down version of the artist’s childhood bedroom, he revisits his trauma – the result of a dysfunctional family. Through the work, he undergoes a process to heal his younger self and invites the audience to do the same.  As trauma leaves the kid hollow, one questions if the audience’s own experiences will act as an echo in this empty room.

Xenia Michou

Environ showcases our relationship towards our surroundings, with the creation of new organic and inorganic structures. Organic material refers to the imperfect patterns of the natural world. The synthetic ones refer to the accuracy of industrial materials. This combination comes together in the creation of a naturoid. Placing the audience in a strange, yet familiar space.

Kriton-Nektarios Saccopoulos

Journey Within fuses Suprematist aesthetics with Christian imagery, employing geometric shapes and vibrant colors to evoke a sense of divine presence. Inspired by Malevich’s exploration of pure artistic expression, the installation invites viewers to embark on a spiritual odyssey guided by faith and introspection.

Iva Terzieva

Sterile Rot investigates the internalized and external sexualization of the female body through the medical gaze, examining the romanticizing of the woman’s body in pain through a series of paintings and video. The raw, soft, and fluid form of the body is juxtaposed with the concreteness and sterility of medical tools – the body becomes a tool and vice versa.

Anna Tiligada

Specter is an immersive environment inspired by 1970s retro-futurism, where nostalgia meets possibility in a fascinating private investigator’s office. Through the curation, staging of objects, and audio-visual elements, viewers are transported into a world where fragments of the past converge with elements of the future, blurring the boundaries between imagination and reality.

For more information please contact Ms. Niki Kladakis 210 600 9800, ext. 1456 or at [email protected]