June, 2017

201714Jun14:3015:30Brands and Media Gatekeeping in the Social Media: Current Trends and Practices – An Exploratory Research14:30 - 15:30

Event Details

A presentation by
Georgia Miliopoulou, PhD
School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

When: Wednesday, June 14, 14:30–15:30

Where: Deree Faculty Lounge

Organized by: Faculty Research Seminars 2016-17 Series


Zozeta Miliopoulou, PhD, studied Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology in Thessaloniki and Athens. For 12 years she worked as an advertising copywriter and creative director for multinational agencies. In 2003 she won a top performance scholarship in the Cultural Management Graduate Program of the Panteion University where in 2008 she acquired her Ph.D. on cultural branding & communication. She participated in the Coca-Cola 2004 Olympic campaign; worked as a content manager and creator for large sites and portals; served as co-founder and head of creative content at Tenfour. She has taught in Panteion, the Cyprus University of Technology, the TEI of Athens and of the Ionian Islands, and in the School of Public Administration. She offers workshops on digital creativity, content, and storytelling and serves as a member in the WIB Committee of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce. Since 2015 she is a Full Time Assistant Professor at Deree ACG, School of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Department of Communication, teaching courses in advertising, digital content and research.


The purpose of this paper is to examine current trends and practices regarding brand communication in the social media, as brand activation in the online social environment rises and proliferates at a fast pace. Believing that further interdisciplinary contributions are needed to bridge the gap between brand management on the one hand and ICT potential on the other, we designed and implemented an exploratory research based on middle and senior-management executives, working both in companies who promote brands in the social media and in agencies who undertake social media projects and tasks. Results indicate that gatekeeping is an integral and very important aspect in the area of social media brand management, as most brands consider what to release rather than what not to, withholding information based on a narrow campaign-oriented mindset which reflects traditional marketing and public relations’ practices and has not embraced the requirements for transparency and openness that prevail in the digital and social media environment.