March, 2017

201702Mar18:30Attempts to Resolve the Cyprus Problem and Greek-Turkish Relations18:30

Event Details

Discussion by
Alexis Heraclides, PhD
Professor of International Relations and Conflict Resolution Social and Political Sciences, Panteion University

When: Thursday, March 2, 6:30 p.m.

Where: 17b Ipitou Street, Plaka, Athens

Organized by: Institute of Diplomacy & Global Affairs

For more information, please contact: 210 600 9800 ext. 1107


Alexis Heraclides, PhD, (born in 1952 in Alexandria) is a Greek academic, currently Professor of International Relations and Conflict Resolution at the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences in Athens. Previously, he served as a Counselor on human rights and minorities at the Greek foreign ministry (1983-1997) and, in that capacity, participated in a number of norm-setting intergovernmental conferences on human rights and minorities, notably in the context of the CSCE (Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe).

He has studied Political Science and International Relations at Panteion, at the University of London (MSc at University College) and at the University of Kent (PhD). His main publications cover: intervention in secessionist conflicts; self-determination; ethnicity and nationalism; the CSCE; Greek foreign policy and specific conflicts, mainly from a conflict-resolution perspective, such as Kosovo, Southern Sudan, the Kurdish question, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Cyprus Problem and the Greek-Turkish conflict with emphasis on the Aegean dispute.

Dr. Heraclides has written over 60 papers in academic journals, as well as having edited 6 books in English and 10 in Greek, including:

  • The Self-Determination of Minorities in International Politics (London: Frank Cass, 1991).
  • The Arab-Israeli Conflict: The Problèmatique of Peaceful Resolution (Athens: Papazissis, 1991) [in Greek].
  • Security and Co-operation in Europe: The Human Dimension, 1972-1992 (London: Frank Cass, 1993).
  • Helsinki-II and its Aftermath: The Making of the CSCE into an International Organization (London: Pinter, 1993).
  • Greece and the “Threat from the East” (Athens: Polis, 2001) [in Greek], also published in Turkey as Yunanistan ve “Dogu’dan Gelen Tehlike” Turkiye: Turk-Yunan Iliskilerinde Cikmazlar ve Cozum Yollari (Istanbul: Iletişim, 2002).
  • The Cyprus Question: Conflict and Resolution (Athens: I. Sideris, 2002) [in Greek].
  • The Cyprus Question, 1947-2004: From Enosis to Partition? (Athens: I. Sideris, 2006) [in Greek].
  • The Greek-Turkish Conflict in the Aegean: Imagined Enemies (Basingstoke: Palgrave-Macmillan, July 2010).
  • with Ada Dialla, Humanitarian Intervention in the Long Nineteenth Century: Setting the Precedent (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2015).