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Study Abroad Students Strongly Recommend: Go Study Abroad!

An interesting multi-cultural meeting took place March 19 on campus. Inbound and outbound study abroad students shared their stories with fellow students who are interested in pursuing this exciting educational journey as well. Through engaging presentations, the students pointed out the significance of the study abroad experience in regards to traveling, broadening your horizons, making friends around the globe and getting exposed to different cultures and ideas.

Dimitris hopped around Europe while studying in Tilburg, Netherlands. Laura, an inbound study abroad student at DEREE, found the time to reflect on the importance of savoring every moment during a sailing trip to Aegina island. Vasilis, during his study abroad semester in Istanbul, was amazed to find out more about other cultures, starting with waking up in the middle of the night to see his Muslim roommate praying. Loukas realized his dream of going to an NBA game while studying in California for a semester. George made friends for life and traveled to places that triggered his creative writing impulse. Students shared the highlights of their moments abroad, they compared their new life with their life back home and they all came to a common conclusion: Studying abroad is undoubtedly a life-changing experience!

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