Mar 24

Anastasia Misseyanni

Science, Technology and Mathematics

Chemistry degree, University of Athens; Graduate degrees in Biochemistry, DEA, University of Paris; PhD, University of Marburg

Dr Misseyanni holds a Chemistry degree from the University of Athens and graduate degrees in Biochemistry: a D.E.A. from the University of Paris 7 and a PhD from the University of Marburg. She has conducted research in the fields of protein-DNA interactions, gene expression and molecular diagnosis of genetic diseases. She has also been active in the scholarship of teaching. Her current research interests focus on sustainability initiatives in higher education (environmental management and policy for sustainable practices). As advisor to the DEREE Environmental Club and chair of the ad hoc Green Campus Committee, she has contributed to ACG’s efforts to become an environmentally sustainable institution. She coordinated the development of the Environmental Studies program and serves as its program coordinator. She teaches environmental science, chemistry, ecology and methodology courses for the environmental studies program.