ACG Choir

The Music Department is launching a College Choir in order to provide opportunities to students, faculty and staff to share the pleasure of singing and to participate in cultural, collaborative and service activities.

The Choir functions in the context of an “academic” organization, is open to students, and to faculty, staff and alumni as associate members with no audition or experience required and meets and rehearses on campus.

It participates in college events, community outreach and inter-institutional events and collaborations and focuses on enjoyment of singing, aiming to help its members learn and improve along the way.

Singing in a choir will help you

Discover and develop your vocal skills.
Gradually acquire music reading skills.
Improve your listening skills.
Reduce performance anxiety.

Maybe you didn’t know that singing

Exercises your lungs
Improves circulation and posture
Tones abdominal and facial muscles
Makes you feel energized and uplifted
Increases self esteem and confidence
Motivates and empowers
Encourages creativity

Join the ACG Community Choir
Choir Meeting
Every Monday, 18:00-19:30
7th Level Auditorium

For more information please contact
Effi Minakoulis,, mob. 6945700183