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The mission of Alumni Relations is to “connect and engage ACG alumni with the College and one another to foster a lifelong, mutually beneficial and meaningful relationship”.

At The American College of Greece (ACG) we consider the network of 37,000 PIERCE, DEREE and ALBA alumni a propulsion engine that will empower the institution to achieve academic innovation and excellence in the future. ACG alumni occupy leadership positions in more than 1,600 companies and organizations worldwide and constitute a vibrant and proud alumni body that promotes the ACG brand by supporting each other and ACG intellectually and financially.

ACG alumni and their families are entitled to a select number of services and offerings without a fee, for life. Moreover, through targeted events we provide alumni with networking and employment opportunities and honor prominent PIERCE and DEREE and ALBA alumni for their achievements.

The Alumni Relations program is operated, administered and funded by The American College of Greece (ACG) for the benefit of PIERCE, DEREE and ALBA alumni and is overseen by the President and the Board of Trustees.

"Stay connected" with your alma mater and fellow alumni and enjoy the benefits of being a member of the ACG family!

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