Application Procedure

Application Dates for 2016-2017

Entering Students

Grants (Need-Based Financial Assistance)

Spring Term 2016-2017: April 24, 2017
(Although we try to support all students in need, the available funds are limited, and therefore, we highly recommend that all interested students should apply as early as possible.)

Continuing Students

Grants (Need-Based Financial Assistance) – Application Period Closed

ATTENTION: In case of extenuating circumstances please contact the Financial Assistance and Planning Office at 600 9800 ext. 1304, 1305, 1306 or email: (Deree, Rm. 202).

Documents Required for the Need-Based Financial Assistance Application for the Academic Year 2016-2017

  1. A complete Application Form.
  2. Tax Statements (submitted in 2015) for need-based financial assistance:
    • Tax Declaration Form for income obtained between 1-1-2015 and 31-12-2015 (E1 – Δήλωση Φορολογίας Εισοδήματος Φορολογικού Έτους 2015 για τα Εισοδήματα που αποκτήθηκαν από 1-1-2015 έως 31-1-2015).
      If the income obtained is lower than the required one for submitting an E1 form then this has to be verified by submitting a notarized affidavit (Υπεύθυνη Δήλωση).
    • Tax Clearance Forms for income obtained in the yeas of 2013, 2014 and 2015 (Π – Πράξη Διοικητικού Προσδιορισμού Φόρου (Εκκαθαριστικό) για τα εισοδήματα που αποκτήθηκαν τα τελευταία 3 χρόνια – Οικονομικό Έτος 2014, Φορολογικό Έτος 2014 και Φορολογικό Έτος 2015).
    • Certificate for income from rents obtained between 1-1-2015 and 31-12-2015 (Ε2 – Αναλυτική Κατάσταση για τα Μισθώματα Ακίνητης Περιουσίας Φορολογικού Έτους 2015).
    • Certificate for income from independent profession/business activity obtained between 1-1-2015 and 31-12-2015 (Ε3 – Κατάσταση Οικονομικών Στοιχείων από Επιχειρηματική Δραστηριότητα Φορολογικού Έτους 2015).
    • ΕΝΦΙΑ – Δήλωση Ενιαίου Φόρου Ιδιοκτησίας Ακινήτων). In case of no property, this has to be verified by submitting a notarized affidavit (Υπεύθυνη Δήλωση).
  3. Additional documents which verify the applicant’s financial need (if applicable):
    • Divorce paper(s).
    • Family Certificate (e.g. for large families).
    • Death Certificate(s).
    • Medical certificate(s).
    • Bank statement(s) for first house mortgage loan(s) including the exact amount paid for the year of 2015.
    • Unemployment Certificate(s).
    • Pension Certificate(s) in case of recent retirement.
    • Any other relevant certificate(s) (if necessary).

General Guidelines

  • In case the parents are filing separate Tax Declaration Forms, all relevant tax statements and certificates must be submitted (for both parents).
  • Dependent family members above the age of 18 will be included in the evaluation process only if all relevant tax statements and certificates have been submitted.
  • In case for income from abroad, all relevant certificates must be submitted.
  • In order for applications with very low or zero income to be evaluated, additional documents must be submitted.

Apply for financial assistance (Grants and Scholarships) here

Important Notes

  • ONLY complete applications (submitted with all necessary documentation) will be evaluated.
  • All applicants are obliged to submit their application within the respective deadlines.
  • All applicants who are awarded any kind of need-based Financial Assistance (grant and/or scholarship) are required to submit official documents of the current fiscal year (tax papers, medical certificates, etc.) in support of their application.
  • After submission all documents are considered College property and are not returned to the applicant.
  • Financial assistance is given for tuition only and does not cover other fees.
  • Non-credit courses are not covered by the tuition reduction except for courses in the English for Academic Purposes Program (EAPP).
  • Students under academic probation (CI below 2.00/4.00) are not eligible to receive any kind of financial assistance.
  • Non-Degree students are not eligible to receive need based financial assistance.
  • Non-Degree students and students seeking a minor’s degree are not eligible to receive endowed scholarships.