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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Event title: Viewing the film “Katyn” of Andrzej Wajda and discussion with the Cultural Attache of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Athens Justyna Słowik
Opening Remarks by: Dr. Andreas Andrianopoulos, Director of the Institute of Diplomacy & Global Affairs, The American College of Greece
Venue: Institute of Diplomacy & Global Affairs at The American College of Greece

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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Event title: Europe, Economics and Immigration: Strains for the Future
Speaker: Dr. Andreas Andrianopoulos, Director of the Institute of Diplomacy & Global Affairs, The American College of Greece
Venue: University of World Economy and Diplomacy of Tashkent



Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Event title: DEBATE : “Eurosceptics vs. Europhiles: What’s the best way for freedom in Europe”
Debate chairman: Andreas Andrianopoulos
Eurosceptics: Rafail Kaliviotis, Napoleon Linardatos
Federalists: Michael Iakovides, Olympios Raptis

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Monday, November 11, 2016

Event title: “The Migration Problem”, Andreas Andrianopoulos (Katerini)
Organized by: Parent’s school Katerini & the Open University in collaboration with the Institute of Diplomacy & Global Affairs, The American College of Greece

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October 1, 2015

Event title: “Τhe Maritime Dimension of European Security”
Speaker: Dr. John Parisis




March 5, 2015

Event title: “Μετά το “καινούργιο” Μνημόνιο”
Speaker: Nίκος Χαριτάκης



January 29, 2015

Event title: “Διεθνείς Περιπλανήσεις του Υδραίου Νικόλα Κολμανιάτη”
Speakers: Evgeny Yurkov, Αλέξης Κογεβίνας, Γιώργος Κουκουδάκης, Ντίνα Αδαμοπούλου, Πέτρος Τατσόπουλος



December 04, 2014

Event title: “A Brief History of Liberty”
Speaker: Tom G. Palmer



December 2, 2014

Event title: “Germany´s role in Europe”
Speaker: H.E. Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to the Hellenic Republic, Dr. Peter Schoof



November 20, 2014

Event title: “Developments in the Middle East and the Persecution of Christians”
Speaker: Dora Bakoyannis



November 4, 2014

Event title: “Denmark of the South – Greece of the North. Can Greece and Denmark inspire each other?”
Speaker: H.E. Ambassador of Denmark in Greece, Ms. Mette Knudsen



September 30, 2014

Event title: “Addressing Islamic extremism – the battle for Iraq”
Speaker: H.E. Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Greece, Mr. Burhan Jaf



April 1, 2014

Event title: “Managing Security in the Black Sea and The South Caucasus: Views from Greece and Azerbaijan”
in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Hellenic Republic



November 21, 2013

Event title: “European crisis. Is the euro part of the solution or the problem?”
Speaker: Mr. Andreas Koutras



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