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Unlocking Sustainable Eating: LIKE-A-PRO Living Labs Take Center Stage at ACG-RC

The Center of Excellence in Food, Tourism & Leisure (CoEFTL) is proud to announce its participation in the EU-funded Horizon Europe project LIKE-A-PRO and its Living Labs’ initiative. This exciting project aims to transform Europe’s food system towards sustainability by exploring alternative protein sources and consumer behavior.

While many Europeans are interested in sustainable food choices, translating interest into action remains a challenge. The LIKE-A-PRO Living Labs delve into this “intention-action gap” to understand how Europeans make food choices, with an emphasis on meat-based products and dishes and the factors that influence meat-based decisions of consumers. The Living Labs, running in another 10 EU countries besides Greece, will be guided by the Consumer Choice Framework, a practical approach that examines various aspects that shape our food decisions.

CoEFTL will soon be hosting the 1st Living Lab in Greece, focusing on “choice editing.” This type of intervention refers to how reducing the availability of certain (less sustainable) options can nudge consumers in the opposite direction, namely, boosting sustainable choices.

The choice editing event, titled “Meat or Dare!” will take place during the week of April 8 to 12, 2024, at The American College of Greece campus restaurant (operated by Deipnosifistirion) and the adjacent premises. Throughout this week-long event, CoEFTL researchers and ACG students will engage closely with consumers to delve into their attitudes and behaviors toward meat consumption while also encouraging a reduction in meat intake and the incorporation of proteins from alternative sources into their diets. The campus restaurant will adapt (edit) the daily menu choices of that week so as to include less meat-based dishes (or no meat at all) being made available to people to choose from. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the value of alternative protein sources, including plants, mushrooms, insects, marine life forms like krill, and more.

For anyone curious about the future of food and how it can be both sustainable and delicious, the upcoming “Meat or Dare!” initiative is expected to provide valuable insights. Stay updated by following CoEFTL on LinkedIn.

Building a Better World
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