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The American College of Greece Research Center

In December of 2020 the Greek government approved the new by-laws and the new name “The American College of Greece Research Center (ACGRC)” for the now dormant ACGDC, a Greek non-profit entity that ACG had established in 2008. The new bylaws and mission of ACGRC were adjusted specifically to facilitate applications for and the management of grants within the entire ACG ecosystem.

The prime role of ACGRC will be to act as formal host for the College’s research activities that are supported by external funds, in particular allowing ACG faculty to submit proposals for European Union (EU) and other grants. Added to the Alba Association’s capacity (through the Applied Research and Innovation Department – ARIP) to host funded research grants related to management and business, the ACGRC opens up grant opportunities to Deree’s entire faculty base. Through the ACGRC, the College will now be in a position to host research activities supported by a diverse range of funding sources, including the European Commission’s new Horizon Europe and Erasmus+ programs. Having its registered seat in the US, ACG previously was not eligible for many of these EU grants.

The creation of the ACGRC represents a major step in promoting the ACG faculty’s research activities and results from the College’s efforts under the ACG150 strategic plan to leverage education for economic and social impact. It is also aligned with the College’s continuing effort to promote and support faculty scholarship and outreach.

Faculty members (full or part-time) who are already familiar with the EU grant proposal process may proceed to develop and make grant proposals under the auspices of the ACGRC and its associated PIC (partner identification code), which is 892119574. All such activities will be coordinated by Aristotelis Alexopoulos, Director of ARIP, ([email protected]). Feel free to contact him for assistance.

For those less familiar with the process and in order to promote new opportunities, the College will offer a series of informational meetings for interested faculty members. These informal workshops will go over the EU funding programs, processes and opportunities. Starting in February, the seminars will cover issues ranging from ways to shape a research consortium and prepare a proposal to information about upcoming calls for proposals and the logistics of running successful projects.

In order to support these efforts, the ACG150 units, including the Institute for Hellenic Growth and Prosperity (IHGP), the Research, Innovation & Technology Network (RTIN), the Center of Excellence in Logistics, Shipping & Transportation (CoELST) and the Institute of Hellenic Culture and the Liberal Arts (IHCLA) will offer stipends to support the development of research grant proposals.

The development of ACGRC represents a combined effort of the academic administration, the Office of Advancement, the Office of the Controller and the ACG 150 team. We all look forward to working with ACG’s superb faculty to take full advantage of this new opportunity.