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Deree’s Graphic Design Department Successfully Completes Design Thinking and Emerging Technologies Seminar

The Graphic Design department at Deree is pleased to announce the successful culmination of its inaugural seminar on”Design Thinking and Emerging Technologies: Embark on Creativity and Innovation!” Held on June 26, 2024, at the ACG Main Campus, this event brought together participants from various disciplines and generations, underscoring the importance of interdisciplinary and inter-generational collaboration in driving innovation.

The two keynote speakers delved into the current discourse and criticism surrounding Design Thinking. They explored its role as a strategic asset in developing socially and culturally impactful applications that leverage emerging technologies through organizations like Isonom (Switzerland) and Pages to Pixels (Greece); collaborators of THE TEΛΟΣ SOCIETY, Arts & Culture Research Lab Observatorium (Greece).

Attendees were treated to 13 insightful presentations by education – academics and students – and industry representatives, highlighting the synergy between Design Thinking Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Extended Reality (XR).

Scholars from fields spanning Information Technology, Psychology, and Graphic Design shared their perspectives and processes, showcasing the potential of interdisciplinary approaches and emerging technology implementation on wicked problems, for instance, dissemination of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals; sexual harassment; Psychology test assessments; game design iterative processes; revitalizing archival content – ACG 150 – with the creation of immersive experiences through animation, and more.

Industry professionals from p-NET, Cosmote, ENNEAS, and Airtechnic covered a range of technological, cultural, and commercial applications, providing practical insights into real-world implementations of Design Thinking and emerging technologies. For instance, the digitalization of the archives of the Holy Monastery Pantokrator (Mount Athos, Greece) and of the Hellenic Institute for Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Studies (Venice, Italy), XR and Metaverse in culture and tourism provided practical insights into the real-world implementation of Design Thinking and state-of-the-art technologies, highlighting success stories and lessons learned.

The seminar concluded with a panel discussion, allowing participants to reflect on the insights gained and explore future directions for research and practice, offering valuable perspectives on fostering collaboration among designers, academics, managers, educators, and students.

The Graphic Design department at Deree College remains committed to advancing knowledge and fostering innovation through ongoing interdisciplinary collaboration. We invite you to explore further and learn more about our programs and scholarship opportunities on our dedicated graphic design webpage.