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Deree supports Aegean Film Festival

Aegean Film Festival

Deree is happy to announce a continued partnership with the Aegean Film Festival. The Aegean Film Festival is coming back to celebrate the finest independent cinema and storytelling and to bring together filmmakers, audiences and artists.

For 12 busy days the festival is returning to the islands to continue its mission to promote new voices, inspire ideas and support a sustainable way of living.

Since 2018, Deree has supported the festival and together they have developed the Storytelling Workshop, a unique teaching approach in creative writing and idea generation. Applicants spent 12 days in Athens and Patmos, creating new script ideas, testing and developing them to a complete film synopsis, under the guidance of an acclaimed team of tutors and consultants. In the upcoming Fall semester the workshop will be reintroduced in cooperation with Deree’s Cinema Studies program, a program that welcomes students from diverse cultural backgrounds to assess and assimilate different ways of studying cinema, its history, aesthetics and practice.

The 10th edition of the festival includes a rich program of award-winning films and documentaries, seminars, workshops, art exhibitions, the environmental conference “Echoes” and summer parties!

The festival grants two jury awards: the “Best Aegean Short Film” with a prize of €3,000 and the “Best Greek Short Film” with a prize of €1,000.

In order to support the mission of the environmental program “Echoes”, the festival has, also, joined forces with WaterBear Network, the first interactive streaming platform dedicated to the future of our planet. WaterBear is host to over 200 free films that address the most critical environmental issues of our times.

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