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Deree Student Awards Ceremony 2024

On Friday, June 21, the Deree community gathered at the Irene Bailey Open Air Theater for a night of celebration and recognition at the 2024 Student Awards Ceremony. The event, a cornerstone of the academic year, honored the remarkable achievements of 57 students who have shone brightly across various domains. 

The awards ceremony was vibrant, teeming with the excitement and pride of family, friends, faculty, staff and fellow students. Everyone came together to applaud the diverse talents and achievements of the recipients who excelled in categories ranging from Emerging Leader and Community Service to Society of the Year and Artistic Achievement. The ceremony was not just a recognition of success but a heartfelt celebration of the potential and dedication shown by each student.

Lucy Kanatsouli, Dean of Enrollment and Students, encapsulated the spirit of the evening in her welcome address:

Tonight, we take the time to call into the limelight the best and brightest. We applaud student effort and celebrate our students’ achievement in the areas of academic excellence, professional accomplishment, athletic performance, global experiences, and engagement and leadership in Deree Student Life.

Throughout the special event, students received accolades in 21 diverse categories, with awards like the Outstanding Graduating Student, International Honors and Stavros Niarchos Foundation Scholar. These distinctions recognized students who not only excelled in their academic pursuits but also contributed significantly to the enrichment of the Deree community. 

President David G. Horner, who presented the College Life Leadership and Deree Spirit awards, praised the recipients for their exemplary leadership and commitment to the ethos of Deree. 

As we reflect on the successes celebrated at the Awards Ceremony, we look forward to the 2024 Deree Commencement. Scheduled for Saturday, June 29, the commencement is set to be a grand culmination of our students’ hard work and the support of their mentors and families.  

Congratulations to all student award recipients! Your talents and hard work serve as a shining example to us all.