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Celebrating Achievements: Recognizing Excellence at the Deree Student Awards Ceremony 2023

On Monday, June 19, the Deree Student Awards Ceremony 2023 took place, providing an opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge the exceptional achievements of the year’s outstanding students.

The event was held at the Irene Bailey Theater and witnessed by an enthusiastic audience from the entire ACG community, including faculty, staff, students and parents. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and pride as family and friends joined together to honor and cheer for the 56 students who had demonstrated remarkable accomplishments in various areas.

The awards spanned a wide range of categories, reflecting the diverse talents and achievements of the students. From Society of the Year and Sportsmanship to Emerging Leader and Global Citizenship awards, the ceremony recognized students’ accomplishments in different realms.

The ceremony commenced with a warm welcome address delivered by Lucy Kanatsouli, the Dean of Enrollment and Students:

The meaning of the Deree student awards is found in our College’s mission and vision: to add distinctive and sustainable value to our students and to Greece. Tonight, we take the time to call into the limelight the best and brightest. We applaud student effort and celebrate our students’ achievement in the areas of academic excellence, professional accomplishment, athletic performance, global experiences, and engagement and leadership in Deree Student Life.

Throughout the special event, students were honored with awards in 21 different categories. Some notable accolades included the Outstanding Graduating Student, International Honors, Stavros Niarchos Foundation Scholar, Internship Achievement, Parallel Studies, and Athletics awards. These distinctions recognized exceptional individuals who had excelled in their respective fields and made significant contributions to the Deree community.

President David G. Horner presented the College Life Leadership and Deree Spirit awards. These special recognitions were bestowed upon deserving seniors who had demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities and exemplified the spirit of Deree as dedicated members of the ACG community.

The overarching aim of the 2023 Student Awards Ceremony was to acknowledge, honor, and recognize students who embodied different forms of excellence. Whether it was through pushing themselves to maximize their Deree experience, leaving a lasting impact as active contributors to the ACG community, or excelling academically and creatively, all outstanding individuals were celebrated for their remarkable qualities and achievements.

Congratulations are extended to all the student award winners, who stand as shining examples of remarkable talent and dedication within the Deree community!

Preparations are already underway for the upcoming Deree Commencement 2023 on Saturday, June 24. These culminating celebrations stand as a testament to the unwavering dedication of our students, the guidance of their mentors and the unwavering support of their loved ones. They embody the essence of a transformative academic journey, marking the students’ achievements and excitement for the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.