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Deree Scholarships: Opening Doors to Academic Excellence

As the academic curtains rise for the forthcoming spring semester at Deree, we are once again gearing up to make education not just accessible but exciting through a range of scholarships.

Deree’s commitment to fostering academic brilliance and inclusivity is showcased in our scholarship initiatives catering to various regions, majors and special specifications, emphasizing both academic merit and financial inclusiveness. These scholarships not only provide financial aid and underscore our commitment to educational access but also demonstrate a strategic alignment with industry needs, fostering a holistic and dynamic learning environment. The upcoming semester, commencing on January 15 is poised to witness a wave of opportunities for aspiring students.

With a steadfast dedication to our non-profit ethos, Deree has allocated €6.7 million for scholarships and financial aid in the 2023-2024 academic year. Remarkably, this program benefits 90% of applicants, ensuring a broad impact on the student community. Scholarships not only broaden our students’ educational experience but equip them with the tools to launch meaningful careers.

In the realm of regional support, the Joy G. Korologos Memorial Scholarship offers financial aid to prospective students from the donor’s parent’s birthplace, the area of Kynouria in the Prefecture of Arcadia, Peloponnese. Similarly, the George and Penelope Nicholas Scholarship supports students from the Prefecture of Corinth. These regional scholarships exemplify Deree College’s commitment to providing access to quality education for students across diverse geographical locations.

For those embarking on academic journeys in Entrepreneurship or Shipping Management, the A.C. Laskaridis Foundation Entrepreneurship Scholarship (ACLFES), Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp. Scholarship and United Maritime Corporation Expendable Scholarship are just for you! The ACLFES provides tuition reductions to students majoring in Entrepreneurship Management. Maritime enthusiasts find a home in the scholarships offered by the Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp. and United Maritime Corporation, both established in 2023, which provide support to Deree students who are pursuing their BSc degree in Shipping Management. Here at Deree, we recognize the importance of fostering academic excellence in specific areas and thus extend our support to students pursuing majors with these scholarships, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder their educational pursuits.

Merit-based scholarships are available for prospective students from all majors, emphasizing academic achievements and recognizing and nurturing talent across various academic disciplines. Theater Arts enthusiasts can benefit from the scholarship offered by the Frances Rich School of Fine and Performing Arts. This scholarship showcases our commitment to fostering creativity and artistic pursuits within the academic realm.

Additionally, the Aldous Family Accessibility Expendable Scholarship is tailored for visually impaired students, ensuring that these students can access higher education at Deree. This initiative embodies our commitment to fostering inclusivity and academic excellence, ensuring that deserving students can pursue higher education unencumbered.

For those eager to embark on this educational journey, detailed information about Deree’s scholarships for the upcoming semester can be found here.

For scholarship inquiries at Deree, please email [email protected] or call 2106009800 ext. 1410.