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DCAC 2024 Celebrates Success with Pita Cutting Ceremony Featuring Guest of Honor Otto Rehhagel

In a resounding testament to the spirit of athletic excellence, the 2024 Deree College Athletic Club (DCAC) Pita Cutting Ceremony witnessed an extraordinary turnout of more than 1,800 young athletes and their families. This monumental gathering, on January 27th, was elevated to unparalleled heights by the esteemed presence of President David G. Horner and the ACG Higher Administration, underscoring the event’s significance and success.

The evening unfolded with a cascade of recognition for athletes across all our Sports Academies, honoring their dedication and achievements from the previous year. The spotlight shone brightest on the Guest of Honor, the legendary soccer coach Otto Rehhagel, who graced us with his presence on the 20-year anniversary of Greece’s historic Euro 2004 victory in Portugal. Coach Rehhagel, a paragon of dedication to sports, imparted invaluable advice to our budding athletes in a brief yet impactful speech.

Otto Rehhagel at the DCAC 2024 Pita Cutting Ceremony:


Further adding to the luminosity of the occasion, Ioannis Topalidis, making the journey from Thessaloniki, and Takis Fyssas, a revered member of the 2004 European champion team, were honored for their outstanding contributions to the world of sports.

The evening crescendoed with exclusive prizes, generously sponsored by “iStorm” Apple Premium Partner and “Kotsovolos” – Dixons South East Europe, being awarded to the fortunate winners of the raffle. The excitement and gratitude were palpable as young athletes eagerly received their coveted prizes.

As the event concluded, members of the DCAC family connected, shared stories, and captured memories through photos with the esteemed Otto Rehhagel. A heartfelt appreciation is extended to Coach Rehhagel, as well as Ioannis Topalidis and Takis Fyssas, for their pivotal roles in making the ceremony an unparalleled success.

In the spirit of celebration, we extend our warm wishes for a happy, healthy, and successful New Year to all!