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ACG Shines at the Athens Science Festival 2023

The American College of Greece (ACG) participated in the Athens Science Festival (ASF), which took place from October 10 to 12, 2023, at Technopolis, City of Athens. The ASF’s theme was “Shape Your Future” through STEM education, and the ACG participation was titled “Scientist for a Day.”

The exhibits showcased various curriculum activities related to the theme of the festival. ACG demonstrated actions and knowledge related to education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Demonstration of experiments and games related to climate change, synchronous equipment for monitoring of climatic parameters and of the ozone shield, biodiversity and environmental protection, life-biomedical sciences and biotechnology, computer science and the demonstration of experimental 5G wireless communication devices based on Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology were featured. Over the course of the three-day festival, hundreds of students, mainly from Gymnasiums and Lyceums of Athens, visited the ACG booth.

In detail, ACG’s participation included contributions from various STEM units, departments and students from both Deree and Pierce:

School of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Department of Science and Mathematics, Environmental Studies Program, Biomedical Sciences Program & Student Societies, Deree

  • Observe our world in micro: plants, soil arthropods, sand and…plastic | Uncolor your vegetables | Design Drugs | Learn about the biodiversity of Hymettus and how to use the campus as a living laboratory
  • Radiosounding and ozonesounding: Demonstration of synchronous equipment for monitoring of climatic parameters at different heights in the troposphere and stratosphere | First meeting with ground-based instrumentation used for monitoring the protective shield of ozone layer
  • Science experiments | demonstrations | games.

Center of Excellence in Sustainability, ACG

  • Addressing Femininities & Inclusiveness in STEM


  • FIREMAN – Data Collection Hub: Solar panel-based energy autonomous data collection hub is integrated with a number of sensors such as temperature sensor, humidity, moisture and light intensity sensors. The data can be handled with a graphical user interface or an app and is used for monitoring purposes. The project aims to be energy-autonomous and wireless for industry, drones or agricultural applications.

Cybersecurity & Networks, Deree

  • Hacking process. Live methods and techniques used by hackers to exploit use information.

IT, Deree & Pierce

  • Autonomous racecars of Deree and programmed by teams of Pierce students to compete through autonomous racing on virtual racetracks with specific parameters.

The participation of the ACG at the Athens Science Festival was an initiative of the Center of Excellence in Sustainability and was organized by the CoES and the Department of Science and Mathematics, Deree. The scientific teams of ACG were supported by the Deree Office of Admissions, which had the opportunity to inform students about educational programs at Deree-ACG.