Spyros Katsoulas

Spyros Katsoulas

History, Philosophy and the Ancient World

BA in International and European Studies, Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, Greece; MA in War Studies, King’s College London, UK; Ph.D. in International Relations and Strategy, University of Reading, UK

Dr. Spyros Katsoulas has been a member of the program of International and European Affairs (IREA) since September 2022. He currently teaches two Level 4 courses: Introduction to International Relations and Diplomacy. Additionally, he serves as the Head of the Observatory at the Institute of Global Affairs (IGA-O).

He is a strategic historian specializing in geopolitics, alliances, strategic culture, and diplomatic history. He is a research associate at the Institute of International Relations in Athens and editor-in-chief for the Greek peer-reviewed journal Strategein.

Dr. Katsoulas is the author of the book “The United States and Greek-Turkish Relations: The Guardian’s Dilemma,” published by Routledge in 2021. He has made contributions to the field of international relations, having also undertaken several translation projects for various books.