Ritsa Ventouratos-Fotinatos


BA, MA (University of Liverpool, UK); PhD (UMIST, UK).

Ritsa Ventouratos-Fotinatos has been a member of Deree Psychology Faculty since 1996 and as a Full-Time Professor in the field of Industrial and Social Psychology she lectures primarily in these domains, as well as teaching modules in the Psychology of Diversity, and Stress and Coping field. Her research interests currently lie in the areas of stress in the workplace in relation to Mental Capital and Wellbeing, paying particular attention to Gender and Social Class differences, whilst investigating the social impact on the changing and diverse nature of the world of work. In addition to being the Head of the Psychology Undergraduate Program during the academic years 2006-2009, she is a committee Member of the British Psychological Society (BPS), where she researches on innovation in Teaching Methods, with an insight to improving and promoting Psychology Internationally. Her research work has been presented frequently both at conferences and congresses in England, Europe and Internationally. Recently, she wrote an International Book with her co-author Professor Sir Cary L. Cooper (CBE) entitled “The Economic Crisis and Occupational Stress” (Edward Elgar Publishers), which was published in 2015 in England and Europe, and subsequently in 2016 in the Americas.