Dr. Olivia Kyriakidou

Olivia Kyriakidou


MS in Organizational Psychology, Program Coordinator

BA, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki; MS, University of Surrey; MS, London School of Economics; PhD, University of Surrey

Dr Olivia Kyriakidou has been trained as a psychologist at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. After completing her MSc studies at the London School of Economics she pursued her PhD on Organizational Psychology at the University of Surrey. Dr Kyriakidou has served as academic faculty in British and Greek Universities for more than 20 years teaching at the graduate, executive and undergraduate levels. More recently, she founded ImasterPA, a company that offers consulting and educational services in the area of People Analytics, Digital HR and management and leadership skills for the digital workspace. Her current research interests are focused on the field of equality, diversity and inclusion at work with a special interest on the remaking of the contemporary world of world and employment due to artificial intelligence, technology and automation. She analyses datasets with people and business data in order to help HR professionals address people and business challenges and improve the employee experience and wellbeing. Her most recent research project involves the impact of the growing diffusion of automation and artificial intelligence on women in the workplace. The project aims to assist business and policy leaders understand the forces transforming current employment and prepare for the future of work. Dr Kyriakidou has been widely published at a number of international journals, such as Organization Studies, Millbank Quarterly, Social Science and Medicine, and Work, Employment and Society and has presented her work at a number of prestigious international conferencesHer book titled “Diffusion of innovations in health service organizations: A systematic literature review” has won the international EHMA Baxter Award.