Kiriakos Vlahos

Decision Sciences

BSc, National Technical University of Athens; PhD, London Business School


Associate Professor of Decision Sciences, ALBA

Professor Vlahos has taught courses on Decision and Risk Analysis at the London Business School, the Copenhagen Business School, the Athens University of Economics and Business and the China-Europe International Business School.

His early research relied on the use of large-scale optimization models, but he is now investigating the use of more flexible decision support frameworks that allow the integration of ”hard” and ”soft” approaches. The main application areas for his work have been the study of competitive energy and telecommunications markets. He has published articles in leading academic journals. He has edited a book on Decision Science and special academic journal issues, and has organized two international conferences. Dr. Vlahos has served as an advisor to several governmental and public organizations and has also participated in European research projects and joint collaborations with industry (Ericsson, BT).

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